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Amigos are investors who understand that the next paradigm shift is a decentralised internet of not just information but also of value.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Token Amigo?

Token Amigo is a global community of angel investors supporting Web3 innovations. Amigos, in this ecosystem, are investors who understand that the next paradigm shift is a decentralised internet of not just information but also of value. Through seed funding, business development, and networking, Amigos helps early stage Web3 startups grow fast.

How can investors sign up for Token Amigo?

The Token Amigo community is open to individuals who have invested in Web2 startups (private) or understand and invest in Web3 companies (public or private). The final decision is made by the team after considering the individual's potential value add in the overall Web3 ecosystem. Interested Investors can fill up the Sign up form by entering basic details.

Why do Angels join Token Amigo?

Using Token Amigo is the only hassle-free way to access Web3 opportunity through a compliant platform with the required checks and balances. Token Amigo accomplishes this while maintaining the principle of Angel Investing, where each Amigo makes a choice about where to invest and when to exit.

What type of startups are selected by Token Amigo?

Amigos make investments only in Web3 companies or companies that are using blockchain technology to solve unsolved problems or make existing solutions more efficient and frictionless. Most of the investments are in tokens or companies with a path to a token.

Who all are a part of this network?

Prominent Web3 names like Sumit Gupta, CEO at CoinDCX; Akshay Aggarwal, Partner at Draper Dragon Fund; Avinash Shekhar, CEO at Zebpay to Web2 OGs like Alok Mittal, co-founder of Indifi, and Pawan Raj Kumar, co-founder of Hoi Foods.